Join us for a journey into French culture...

The Alliance Française de Leeds offers a range of clubs and events focused on French language and culture so that you can increase your knowledge about French cinema, literature, lifestyle, landscapes, society, humour, cuisine... and so much more!

Come, chat and share.

All our events and clubs are suitable for both English and French speakers.


Vous aimez le cinéma ? Come and join us !

We will be watching a film together and then, over a glass of juice or wine and a few snacks, we will talk about it. Our cinema nights are always a great success !

We are very mindful at AF Leeds of copyright laws and so we only show films which are available to us through the Institut Français. These films are not shown in British cinemas and they give us the opportunity to discover some very good French cinema.    

Generally with English subtitles, our films are suitable for students of a wide range of levels.


French Region Presentations

Discover France and the beauty of each of its numerous regions. From the Pays Basque to Lyon, from Paris to the Côte d'Azur, find out more about the regional history, gastronomy, languages, architectures which all together make France unique!

If you like reading, this is the club for you !

We are a small group; we love French literature and we talk about the books we have enjoyed reading. We share views with others in the group and discover authors and titles we would otherwise perhaps never read.

We do like to have little snacks too…

Come along !

This club is suitable for students of intermediary level upward.


Come and meet our guest speakers with engaging presentations on topics ranging from French wines and cheeses to the life and works of famous French people.