"We just wanted to say a big thank you for helping Julia with her French.  I would like to say how much she got from it. We will be looking for other courses…it’s a great organisation!" Catherine, Intensive GCSE course

"Enthusiastic teacher. Very helpful and corrects our mistakes respectfully. A great course !!!" Alison, General French evening class.

"I have thoroughy enjoyed the Alliance Francaise class. The organising and the teaching are very professional with plenty of information, extra support and external events on offer. The teaching sessions are really engrossing with lots of different inputs. For example; film and radio extracts, worksheets, photos and pictures, discussions on a wide variety of topics including French culture and lifestyle, visitors to the class, practising grammar and learning new vocabulary, individual presentations etc. We are encouraged and supported to speak French to each other during class and the teacher is always positive and encouraging (and has a great sense of humour!) This has increased my knowledge and confidence so much so that at a recent external Alliance Francaise event a fellow student and I spent the whole time speaking in french (without embarrassment) which was quite a feat and made me realise how much I had learned. I would recommend Alliance Francaise and I look forward to returning in September."

"The lessons are very enjoyable: challenging but comfortable, extremely interesting and give ample opportunity to improve the skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing. The cultural aspect of the class is enhancing my knowledge of France, French society and literature. It is hugely rewarding to study in a small class in which the lessons are well structured and to be guided by our highly experienced teacher who is empathetic and encouraging, but at the same time challenges her students to improve their level of competency in the language, I cannot recommend the Alliance Française de Leeds more highly and, I must add, we laugh a lot too!"

"From the beginning, my teacher guided me helpfully through the enrolment and assessment process to find the correct class for my ability.  I immediately warmed to her enthusiasm and, in fact, the email contact we established during the early days, has continued and gives me an extra opportunity to communicate in French."

"Good rapport with teacher and fellow students makes the class really enjoyable"

"The conversation class is fun and quickly builds confidence and reinforces vocabulary."

L'Alliance Française de Leeds offers a large range of courses to respond to everyone's needs and preferences.

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